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We know there are a lot of questions that many individuals and contractors have about concrete and its uses. We thought it would be helpful to provide you with the answers below to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer you're looking for below, feel free to contact us, as we are happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I calculate how much concrete my project will require?

The number of yards of concrete needed for a project are calculated: length in feet X width in feet= square feet X .33 (4 inch thick slab) and the divide / by 27 to calculate cubic feet for 1 yard
Example: Patio is 18’ feet long by 14’ wide. 18 X 14 = 252 square feet
252 X .33 (4 inch slab) =83.16 cubic feet
83.16 / 27 = 3.08 cubic yards of concrete needed for this patio

2. What does PSI mean regarding ready mix concrete?

The Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) pressure is an engineering specification. Pounds per Square Inch is the load (amount of weight) that a square inch of finished cured concrete can support. It is directly related to the strength of the concrete and how much weight the concrete can support. (Heavier the load = Higher PSI)

3. What type of concrete do I need for my project?

The type of concrete needed will depend upon what is being parked on the concrete pad or built upon the concrete foundation. The Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) pressure needed will depend on how strong the engineering requirements are needed. Most residential projects are designed for a 2,500 to 3,000 PSI mix.

4. What does the word “slump” for concrete actually mean?

How stiff/ thick or flowable a concrete mix is. The stiffness or flowability of the mix will vary per specifications of the project.

5. Who can I talk with about color concrete?

Our Professional Sales People or the Plant Dispatch Manger

6. Can I buy concrete in different colors?

Yes, we have a digital color machine that can produce numerous colors, which allows us to produce consistent colors. As long as the colored slab is properly sealed there will be minimal fading.

7. Will a person come to my project and look at what I need?

Yes, you can have a representative refer a concrete finisher to you that will be able to walk you the through the process for your project.

8. Is patterned concrete as durable as gray concrete?

Yes! In fact, because colored, patterned concrete is sealed, it usually wears better. However, wear and tear is more noticeable on colored concrete, therefore, maintenance is important!

9. How do I maintain the durability of the finish?

Proper sealing is the key to maintenance. Longevity of patterned concrete depends on sealing it regularly, every other year.

10. How durable is the finish in winter?

Patterned concrete, like all concrete, can be chipped and marred. These surface scars can be fixed easily; however, the best cure is prevention with proper sealing and not using abrasive objects on it.

11. Is sealed concrete slick when wet?

Yes, however, sealer can be altered with slick prevention products to increase surface abrasiveness.

12. What is the difference between integral color and broadcast color hardener?

Integral color means color is mixed in the concrete at the ready mix plant. The color is through the entire concrete. The advantages are that if finish concrete becomes worn or chipped, the underlying concrete is still uniform in color. The disadvantage is that color is not easy to control because it is added by the concrete ready mix plant. Broadcast coloring means the color is spread on top of the finished concrete at the time of pouring the new concrete. This gives you the ability to control the color on location.

13. Can you pour imprinted concrete in the winter?

Yes. Concrete is placed year-round. The challenge in winter is to protect the concrete and the surface beneath and beside it. This is done with protective thermal blankets.

14. Can you pour imprinted concrete in the interior of a home or business?

Yes. Special care must be taken to protect walls and surrounding areas, but the result provides a unique and attractive alternative to other flooring options.

15. How do concrete floors compare to other flooring options?

Concrete floors can be less expensive or more expensive depending upon the simplicity or complexity of your project.

16. Can you cover existing concrete to match the new imprinted concrete? <

Yes. This is done with a polymer modified cement product which creates a build from ¼ to ¾ of an inch thick. Then it is colored and stamped just like your new stamped concrete.

17. Can I expect concrete to crack?

Yes. All concrete cracks eventually, but measures to control this can be taken. Fiber mesh increases surface strength, wire mesh increases inner strength, thickness increases overall strength, control joints every 10 feet and at corners allow for expansion and contraction during atmospheric conditions, and rebar increases concrete's ability to bear greater amounts of weight.

18. How does decorative concrete compare to wood decks and real stone?

Overall, it is less expensive. It is more durable and versatile than other options for building. However, all surfaces must be properly maintained to last, so the cost of maintenance is comparatively the same.

19. How many patterns are available?

Literally hundreds of patterns are available. Custom tools can also be used to suit your specific project.

20. How long does the process take?

It depends on the size of the project. Normally it takes about one week; one day to prepare sub grades, one day to place and finish the concrete, two to four days wait for concrete and hardener to cure, and one day to detail and seal the concrete. We have the staff and experience to handle every aspect of the job.

21. Can I walk on concrete before it is detailed and sealed?

Not normally. Walking can wear off the finish and color. However, special circumstances may require access, which can be accommodated.

Wash floor as needed with a neutral cleanser. (Can be done daily if necessary) Clean all grease and oil spills up immediately in order to prevent softening of stain and sealer. Apply a urethane fortified wax at least twice a year or as needed.

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